Not cryonized...

Every person we failed to cryonize is an eternal pain in our hearts. It's especially terrible when a person dreamed of it, but was betrayed by their family; Or by circumstances. We fight tirelessly, every day and every hour, for the lives of our patients. But we've had our share of setbacks.

Портрет Михаила Воронина

First of all, we will never forget Mikhail Voronin, who was a convinced immortalist, a supporter of cryonics and even the deputy director of the "Radical Life Extension Foundation". He expressed his wish to have his head or brain cryonized after death. He confirmed this fact with his will, made in front of witnesses, and additionally made a video recording of his expression of the will. Also his will is confirmed by the contract he made with us.... But his wife committed a crime against law and morality and cremated him.

We fought, but against us was not only Voronin's wife, but also bureaucracy, ridiculous provisions on the period of storage of bodies in crematoria, not friendly at that time position of the State Unitary Enterprise "Ritual"..... We did not save him...


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